Hello world!

Hey There,

I’ve been blogging at a few different blogs, but I thought I’d try to combine them into one blog and just blog about life as a wife, mom, sister, friend, social worker, creator, dreamer, and as a woman just trying to find her way through life in a more balanced way. I am not really sure where this is going, and I hope that I can find more followers and people who will participate and maybe comment. In turn, that also means that I need to be better at networking with other bloggers. I am hopeful that this in turn will help me network better in life.

You can expect to see things about my kids, my beliefs, my creations, my cooking, and generally anything to do with my life. I love being a wife and a mom. I love learning about holistic health, from gardening to food, to herbs and aromatherapy to ways to reduce stress to creativity.

I’m the wife of a great guy who I’ve been with for almost 19 years and the mom of 3 kids, a 4 year old boy and girl/boy twins 10 1/2 months younger. I got my MSW 1 month before I got married and have called social work my profession for 15 years. I love to be creative and I would love to figure out what my true passion in life is. I am thrilled that I have my MSW but I am not sure that it my true passion. Maybe by trying to live a balanced life, I will one day figure out my passion and how to add it in to my life in a balanced way.

I love being a wife and a mom and would change anything about my life. I do however want to figure out my passion in my professional life. Join me in my journey to figure out how to live a balanced life, living real life as well as following my dreams and passions.